Date:- 30th June, 2019.
Venue:- HaikuJam, Bandra.

EHSAAS 3.0 saw a big boost as we featured 4 big artists in the Mumbai Poetry circuit. The love receiving from the people had increased now. This immense love only made us improve and give our level best for artists to feel comfortable.

While the Storytellers and Poets let us touch the areas of the society which people shy about, the stand-up comedians and singer’s effort to make the event entertaining was commendable.

The performers were: -

  • Love Prath Shukla (Instagram Id: -loveprath_shukla)
  • S. Vatsa (Instagram Id: -DSVatsa)
  • Ragini Kundra (Instagram Id: - live_chic49)
  • Reyvan (Instagram Id: - sumbrerey1)
  • Aditya Shah (Instagram Id: -adityashahaha)
  • Vismay Kasar (Instagram Id : - vismaykasar)
  • Aditya Pardeshi (Instagram Id: - theforiegnsun)
  • Chinmay Joshi (Instagram Id: - chinmay2827)
  • Manoj Bhandhari (Instagram Id: - bhandharismanoj)
  • Haris Ansari (Instagram Id: - haris.ansari_)
  • Ashok Kumawat (Instagram Id: - ashokkumawat­_)
  • MIitesh Jain (Instagram Id: -miteshjain1610)
  • Amarkant (Instagram Id: - shayaramarkant)


  • Akash Chintkindi (Instagram Id: - theaaka5h)
  • Irfan Tarique Khan (Instagram Id: - irfan_tarique_khan)
  • Swaminathan Pathak (Instagram Id: - _swamii)
  • Deep Ved (Instagram Id: - meri_zubani)

The ever growing positive response from the audience has been a driving force for team Ehsaas. Many perfromers have been consistently attending our every open mic which shows how much they love the ambience and the lively atmosphere of our open mics.

Team EHSAAS is thankful to everyone who has been helping us in any way.