Date:- 11th August, 2019.
Venue:- Lion Heart Lounge, Byculla.

EHSAAS 4.0 was blessed with an amazing performers and equally enthusiastic audience. The performers and the audience as well were super excited for this delightful afternoon. This time we had 3 featured artists of different genres. One being D S Vatsa, a poet who touched everyone’s soul with his soulful content while Dhaval Datar made the audience laugh their heart out whereas Omkar Mane and Vinit Dethe’s Musician Group made the audience’s mood all the more lightening and cheerful through their beautiful voice and guitar combo.

While there were a good number of Singers too, the Poets, Storytellers and Stand-up Comedians still found an attention because of their commendable performances.

The performers were:-

  • Gunjan (Instagram Id: - offbeat_monk)
  • Vismay Kasar (Instagram Id: - vismaykasar)
  • Nayan Gupta (Instagram Id: - nayangupt)
  • Aman Mishra (Instagram Id: - mr_writerrrr)
  • Sahil Mollick (Instagram Id: - sahil.mollick_)
  • Sanket Pingale (Instagram Id: - sanketpingale4)
  • Shahbaaz (Instagram Id: - kaatib_e_dard143)
  • Narendra Dutta (Instagram Id: - narendradutta182017)
  • Shrutee Gade (Instagram Id: - the_shrutee)
  • Vinay Natekar (Instagram Id: - vinaynatekarsunny)
  • Aniket Bhosle (Instagram Id: - suorenac_10)
  • Disha Pandya (Instagram Id: -Dishapandya8)
  • Jitesh Jain (Instagram Id: - jitesh_jain)
  • Nishad (Instagram Id: - nishadsuthar)
  • S.S. Kalkar
  • S.M Kalkar

Featured Artists: -

Omkar Mane and Vinit Dethe Musician group
(Instagram Id: - omi_mane, vinit_dethe)

D.S. Vatsa (Instagram Id: - ds.vatsa)

Dhaval Datar (Instagram Id: - dhavaldatar)

4.0 also had a special performer Aman Mishra, who was the lucky winner from our Prompt Challenge. We are amazed with the super increasing love of the audience and performers for our Open Mics. Their love only strives us to improve with every event we conduct and let our motto be defined, “Your Words, Our Stage.”

We thank everyone who has been a part of EHSAAS and has helped EHSAAS to grow and evolve.