About Us


What is EHSAAS?

While the open mic market is turning out to be the next big thing in the Indian Poetry industry, the poets, storytellers, stand-up comedians are still struggling to find a stage where they can express themselves freely. Hard and rigid rules and policies of the big players of the industry has made it tough for first time performers to express their heart out freely, the industry needs a platform where the artist can grow and feel home on the stage when he/she performs.


In each corner, there is a writer living, a performer living, a person who has the power to change the world’s perspective with his powerful words. Before this talented unheard artists give up and end their writing journey, Ehsaas is here to, instead begin their writing journey.

Ehsaas, an Open Mic Community for all the unheard Poets, Storytellers, Stand-up Comedians, Shayars and all other performing artists in Mumbai. It is a stage meant for all the artists irrespective of how professional or inexperienced he/she is to the performing field.

How is EHSAAS different from other platforms?

  1. At Ehsaas, any form of vocal artist can take the centre stage and perform his/her piece unlike other platforms who conduct Open Mics specifically for a particular genre like A stand-up comedy open mic, Storytelling open mic, etc.
  2. There’s always room for improvement in any field. Likewise, every artist wants to improve and always has some areas where he needs to learn and grow. For him to learn, he should watch his content closely and share it with people. So that he gets the required feedback.

     EHSAAS provides videos to its performers which are edited and shot by our professionals.




A banking student who has always been fond of writing right from his childhood. Though he has never performed in any Open Mic but he recognizes the lack of platforms in the market. The platforms available in the market are confined to a particular area and they aren’t reaching to the corners and different parts of the city. Hence, the idea of EHSAAS struck in his head. EHSAAS would reach to the corners of the city and find the hidden talents. He is a published writer and has featured himself in 2 anthologies.
Although he comes from a family of Contractors, his heart has made him write some beautiful content. He is a Civil Engineer by profession but an enthusiast writer by passion. The experiences he had during his engineering days are now put down in words through his writings. He has been writing since 2014 and has also published himself in an anthology. A guy who once made Memes, now pens down his creativity through his writings. Creativity is something which comes to him naturally and it can be seen in his writings. He believes, scarcity of platforms in the market has made him the founder of EHSAAS. He has mastered the art of managing profession and passion.
Born in Konkan but a Mumbaikar from heart. At the age of 11, he got connected with the skill of drawing. He did backstage work in some musical event at 14. He has worked on brands like Crimzon, The Black Box Co., Sensing luxury and the Youtube channel; the backbenchers. The hunger of learning more in this field made him leave his job. In 2016, he joined Attansh Communication in which, he worked as a visualizer. He has worked with well-known brands like Sony Marathi Channel and Waman Hari Pethe. At EHSAAS, he has beautifully presented his creative skills. Be it a poster, be it a social media post, he has never disappointed and helped EHSAAS in maintaining its creative touch.
He is a Media Personnel who has worked as Public Relations Officer for many brands like Ambrane, Tally Solutions, Anker, etc. Previously, he has worked as a Freelancer with National Geographic Channel (Nat Geo) as a Wildlife Photographer and Content Writer. At EHSAAS Open Mic, he handles the PR department. Working with EHSAAS, he got a great exposure to participate and become a part of Poets and Writers in India. It’s because of him that EHSAAS has been able to maintain good relations with everyone.